Negative and positive hands are probably the most moving and disturbing paintings we can find in a cave. The imprint of the hand of the author of those wonderful paintings always makes us want to place our hands on top and yearn for an impossible intimacy that is nonetheless there. To many cave art lovers, the hands are like a bridge of sorts. These are the hands of the painters, they are also our hands. We painted these beautiful creatures. One cannot help to wonder how that person lived, what he thought when he placed his hand there, what his hopes were, his fears, who he loved… we will always try to reach and we will never achieve it. Hands always leave me longing.

I was using the male article “he” as a form of speech, but the current believe, after measuring scores of hands in different caves, is that all those imprinted negative and positive hands belonged to women, so the “painting cave man” was most likely a woman. Food for thought.

As an exception, there are hands here that do not belong to the European Paleolithic but they are not any less fascinating…