Hi there,

The Cave Art Gallery is a one man tribe populated just by me, Weston Westmoreland : )

I was born in 1972 and have been shooting pics since 1983. I am an engineer, a married man and father of two great kids the elder of which is named after a painted cave. I love to read, love to travel, to learn, love different handcrafts, being outdoors, and I love long conversations with interesting people. And I trail run. I am an expert at nothing, but an enthusiast of many things. One of them is paleoanthropology and, from there, Cave Art.

I have been fortunate to visit many different caves and replicas through the years. I have also spent some time reading and learning about paleoanthropology, paleoanthropologists and the fascinating detectivesque methods they follow to squeeze all the relevant information out of the smallest piece of paleoevidence. I also learned about how we used to live back then, how other fellow humans, the Neanderthals mainly, used to live, and of course could not help but to succumb to the mystic of Cave Art.

I am a fetishist person when it comes to learning. I recollect all sorts of stuff, a few fossils here, some shrapnel from Pointe du Hoc or Verdun there, a replica of the Lady of Brassempuy, some flint-stone from Lascaux… then I will sit back, take one of them, study it and let my mind wander.

Unfortunately you cannot always take with you what you want and a replica will not do, as it happens with the sculpture Giambologna carved from one single piece of marble called the Rape of the Sabine Women from Florence. So I take a picture. Probably that is why I like to take pictures. I try to bring them with me, these objects, places, events, moments, at least their essence, to look at them once in a while and let my mind roam.

And that is of course why I love Cave Art for decoration. I have the Chauvet Lions I hand painted on my kids’ room and the Hall of the Bulls from Lascaux, 15 feet wide, right in front of my bed. Magnificent.

That’s how I ended here. This is a collection of the best Cave Art images I can provide after years of dedication, each of them treated personally, maybe not with all the skill and love they deserve, but definitely with all I can muster. I carefully try not to make an interpretation. I just try to freshen them, take away the millennia and the calcite, and give them the proper light to enjoy them outside a cave.

I hope you like them. I hope you too like to look at them from your couch or your bed and let your mind wander…

W. W.


P.S. If you want to see my other Galleries, the whole scope of what I like to shoot, pay me a visit at westonwestmoreland.com. I’ll be honored to receive you.

P.S.S. If you want to know more about what drives me, you can visit my old blog InspiringThoughtsAndImages.com. It is not about pictures, it’s more like a collection of reflections, and, technically, it is not updated. I think I wanted to say a few things and when I finished I just stopped. I sometimes go by and reread my writings and for the most part I still agree, so it is, in the way that matters, totally fresh and up to date.