Hi there,

With so many end products and options, the forest can hide the trees, so here goes some orientation concerning how to find the right combination for the image of your choice. We will treat prints and other products separately.


First of all you have to find the image you love. All those images can be printed on different surfaces and most of them in large format, sometimes up to 108″. Paradoxically, the display area is limited, so remember: the smaller it shows, the bigger it probably is. This is particularly true for the panoramic images. You can always click on the image to get a 100% sample. Let’s use this amazing Red Cave Bear from Chauvet to get the lay of the land…


Once you have chosen the image you like, you click Wall Art on the menu to the right of the image.




You will then see the different print options:


Once you select the surface, you will hace some options to refine your choice, they vary some from one to other, but they are all similar. You can pick:













this place is not just about prints. Here you will also find all sorts of products in which you can adapt size and position of the images to your personal liking, so be advised:



Lets’s select and modify one throw pillow…


We click the pillow icon that will show either to the right or below the image and we get this.


You can chance the size here even go for a rectangular throw pillow. Then you can change the size of the image using the slider.


And finally you move the image to fit the surface of the pillow to your liking.



You can do this with any object available here, only limited by the size of the original image. Any further question, ask away